Legoland Christmas

December 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and so Legoland asked us to create some Christmas decorations.

We supplied The Nutcrackers,  Santa’s Elves Log Cabin Workshop, Entrance Archway, the Lego Elves and other decorations which you can see below.

The Nutcrackers

Santa’s Elves

Lego Shelves


Elves Log Cabin Workshop


Legoland Halloween

October 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

We were asked by Legoland Dubai to supply some thematic dressing to celebrate this years Halloween season. Along with the larger pieces which you can see in this post we also decorated the inside of the Cobweb Castle ride and some F&B areas with cobwebs, skeletons, rats, bats, snakes and other creepy attributes.

Giant Lego Spider


Lego Spiders


Spooky Tree

La Perle

October 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

La Perle is the regions latest attraction. A live spectacle of drama, art, dance and acrobatics brought to Dubai by Dragone. We were approached by Dragone to paint and supply some decorative aspects and props for the show.

Proscenium Doors
The proscenium doors are made up of 4 22meter high metal gates. When closed they show a tree like pattern making up the fret work which branches out as you look up and out from the centre of the stage. The painted finish replicates decaying gold leaf and was created with 7 layers of paint. Each layer contributing to the texture and worked together along with the tree design to create a gradient from lightest at bottom centre stage to darkest on the outermost corners and top of the doors. 

Above you can see a close up of the paint effect. The textured red background which creates an old rusted look, with our own take on gold leaf sitting ontop made to look as if it is crumbling and flaking away with age.


The Cyclorama was to be painted as a gust of clouds drifting across the stage. In the show it would be a very large curved projection surface but at times would be lit to show the clouds. 


Globe Of Death

The globe of death is painted externally as old pewter metal, made up of around 5 layers of paint and worked with different techniques to create a texture. Once cleaned and buffed in areas this reveals the shine and metallic quality we strived to create.
Internally the globe was to be the counter to its dark and dirty exterior. A glowing and brighter gold surface to shine through the fret work of the globe. Highlighting the contrast between the two. Although this effect was the brighter of the two it still took some effort to create a dark distressed gold which shone out whilst regaining a textured, almost industrial quality.  


Frame and Crown
The frame below was painted in different golds to create texture and then darkened in the central ring to highlight the outside of the structure. 

The crown was painted but also built by JR Scenic. The paint was to be a very bright, very royal gold which acted only to frame the coloured jewels around the crown which would react with the show lights.


V Poles & Vertical Poles
The V Poles and Vertical Poles were painted with a more copper, bronze or burnt aluminium and industrial style of treatment. Finished with a bright gloss shine as to make them stand out in such a large arena, where if not, they would be lost due to their scale.


Slack-line Gates

The Slack-line Gates were treated in a mixture of styles. The larger gate which faced the audience had 4 different treatments, where the smaller of the two only had two. These images don’t show the larger in its finished state as some of its panels were painted before they had been fitted and unfortunately this image is pre completion. The final outcome was a combination of textured gold layers with one heavily worn but regal metallic blue and silver layer shining out against its counterparts. 

Along with all this we supplied a range of other paint treatments and working props to help bring the La Perle show to life which are not documented here. It is rare that we get to work on such theatrical shows, like which our background and experience was forged from. We hope that the success of La Perle will bring more and more creative and challenging work to the region. 


January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week


As part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, PRG asked us to supply the main stage, security wall and free standing graphic panels in their main event hall of ADNEC. The main stage featured a large projection screen which was made up of around 140 3D windmill shapes. These shapes were then projected onto to look asif they were spinning or growing and interacting with the screen content.

Below is the security wall which was covered in the event sponsor branding. It served the purpose of dividing seating areas, and also housing the media pit from which the event was documented and broadcast.